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pickin’ and grinnin’

Flickr added a new online photo-editing tool. These two photos are my first stab at playing around with images after they leave the camera.

I’ve never done anything with my photos before. It never quite interested me.

It’s the immediacy that excites me — a certain intimacy, a recognition of the intrinsic significance of the moment.

Any moment really.

And that’s what I find fascinating —

a single photo is significant only in that it points to the intrinsic kaleidoscopic significance of it all, and is therefore significantly insignificant in itself (I’m afraid I may have lost you here).

So many conditions — the camera, subject, colors and shapes and lighting, my mood and the mood of the subject, to name just few — conspire to make a photo just so, captured in a quick click of a button, inspired by a sudden firing of neurons.

I met Kali, a talented musician with a beautiful voice, in Mount Shasta last month.

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