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I arrived in San Francisco Friday morning
and have been sleeping much of the time since.

I checked in to the Green Tortoise Hostel
for the night. Just checked in again
for another night
after waiting for a vacancy.

I’m mulling over my next move.

With the holidays approaching,
house/pet- sitting seems to be a
promising way to stay put for
long enough to focus on things other
than where to stay.

Long enough perhaps to find some
work and develop connections
deeper than possible through
drive-by nomadicality.

Oh, how important
being self reliant seems
for intimacy,
for touching
without need
for anything.


I left New York Tuesday

morning with Sarah

in her black Volvo

We stopped in

Northern Virginia

to pick up Josh,

and drove and drove.
Our longest stop

was in Memphis.

 Here we are in reflection

 on Main Street.

We stopped at Mr. Peanut–
one of the few stores on Main Street
not shutdown or for lease.

Downtown Memphis is eerily
midday on a Wednesday.

Abandoned businesses
and shiny new condos
with no one
to fill them.

Here Sarah is catching peanuts she had tossed in the air.


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