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Gift from the grave

I’ve been asking around town
Mt. Shasta
for a ride to the Bay Area

No luck yet

one woman said
would you wait here a minute
I have something for you

she returns with
a tribal-patterned
woven wallet
with some yellow
blue and green
it looks like it’s about
to burst
it’s heavy

my dear friend Lynn
was dying of cancer
the woman says

before she left her body
in december
she gave me this
and requested
I give it to a hitchhiker

and she walks off

about $50 in bills
a bag of mostly $1 coins (uncounted)
a bag of pennies (uncounted)
three of the pennies are laid side-to-side
and taped together–not sure what the
significance, if any, of this

no note
i was hoping there would be one
some words of wisdom
perhaps for fellow travelers
or something uncannily
seeming to be directed
specifically to me

no ride yet


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