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Home Sweet Home

My humble abode in Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

a five-mile stroll from town
bright sunny days
clear star-studded skies
on moonless nights

the crisp mountain air
seems good for the soul

nights are quite cold
at 6,000 feet

and shrinking
late-autumn days
mean more wood gathering
for darker elongated nights
and less time
to do so

i’ve begun looking
for interesting shapes
in wood,
surprising sculptures,
rather than just simply function

manzanita branches
all twisted
sometimes look like
lovers embracing

glowing in
entangled passion
they help heat up
my night

this reddish contorted wood
burns with intense heat
just a few pieces added
to steady flames
of trustworthy pine logs
warm my body
from inside

but alas rain and snow
forecast for the weekend
and so i must
soon move on


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